Bainbridge Cutting Service (B.C.S)

Bainbridge Cutting Service (B.C.S)
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Bainbridge Cutting Service (B.C.S)

Fully vacuumed, flat 11.0m long x 2.7m wide, multi-tool cutting including pizza wheel, tangent knife, plotting tool heads, and Patternsmith software for in-house design, digitising, and nesting capabilities. 

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1. Bainbridge Cutting Service (B.C.S) offers you:

 Increasing capacity and output

 The opportunity to meet spikes in demand and large one-off orders

 A streamlined production process

 Maximising materials yield

 Significantly reduced waste

 A clean consistent cut


2. INDUSTRIES: Combining our vastly experienced team with a state of the art cutting machine allows us to cut a wide range of materials for customers across a variety of industries, including but not limited to;

 Sailmaking         Medical  

 Covermaking     Defence 

 Graphics             Tent and marquee

 Automotive         Inflatable Structures

 Upholstery         Flooring

 Packaging           Outdoor equipment


3. MATERIALS: Our Blackman & White automated cutting machine provides a perfect cut across a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to;

 Woven Sailcloth                          Spinnaker Nylons

 Laminates                                   Cover Acrylics & Polyesters

 Vinyl Upholstery Fabrics            PVC Textiles

✔ Cardboard                                 ✔ Composites

✔ Vinyl                                          ✔ Hypalon


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The Process

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to deliver a bespoke solution that best fits your business needs to ensure we make the cutting process as fast, efficient and convenient as possible.

1. Enquiry

It all starts with you getting in touch.

You can reach us either by:

Email         Contact us today!


Phone        +44 (0)1489 776000

2. Discovery

We’ll ask you the necessary questions to understand more about your business and your requirements to ensure we fully satisfy your requirements.

Typical questions include.

    • What material is required for cutting?
    • Is it our supplied fabric or your own material?
    • How wide is the material?
    • Can we have a sample of the material? This is for confirmation of capability.
    • Likely metres of cutting per month


3. Free no obligation quote

We’ll use all the information we have gathered to formulate a free no obligation quote.

4. Drawings

Do you have a ntv or dxf file available? Or already nested files?

Or we can nest & design for you! 

We appreciate some information can be of a sensitive nature and will be more than happy to sign NDAs if necessary.

5. Design Facility

You can opt to use our in-house expertise in design software covering many aspects of CAD/CAM. We can take concepts, or simple drawings, on to the next stage, to provide all the advantages of automated cutting.

Again, we appreciate this type of information will be of a sensitive commercial nature and we will be more than happy to sign NDAs if necessary, and fully ascribe the IPA conceptual rights to.

6. Sample

Where it is deemed necessary, we will provide a free sample of the initial cut to ensure everything is perfect before proceeding.

7. Collection of Materials

You can send us your material, arrange for this to be delivered to us directly from your supplier or if it is a repeat order, we could even arrange to keep a stock of the fabric for you. We will work with you to ensure you get the best possible service.

8. Cutting

We will ensure that we communicate lead times ahead of the project and work towards a 100% on time in full target.

9. Delivery

We’ll get them delivered safely back to you already for the next step of your production process.


  • 1 MACHINE FEATURES INCLUDE: • Computer Controlled Cutting Machine (CNC) • Flatbed • Full Vacuum system • Vacuum Zones • Two Drop-in Tool stations • Jog Control • Modular Construction • Maximum Cutting Speed - 1000mm/second • Maximum Move Speed – 1100mm/second • Cut Accuracy – 0.1mm • Repeatability – 0.1mm • Acceleration – 0.5G
  • Model
  • Reference
  • Machine Features 
  • Machine Features
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